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SCOPE Foundation

Unity of humanity through the science of spirituality.

Over the years, SCOPE Foundation has helped thousands of school children in rural India by providing visual acuity screening and eyeglasses, scholarships, and IT education. The Foundation has also organized and funded eye camps for the elderly in which thousands of people have received eye exams, corrective lenses, and cataract surgery with intra ocular lens implants,where needed.

Scope Foundation Mission

  • Provide visual acuity screening for children & adults.
  • Provide free eye glasses if needed.
  • Provide Dental screening for children & adults.
  • Scholarships for education.
  • Support IT education by providing computers.
  • Dental Screening.
  • Volunteer Work for Natural Calamities & Pandemics.
  • Yoga & Meditation Classes in Person & via Zoom
  • Building a unique monument and a service center for mother earth. The center will bring awareness to the uniqueness of our mother earth and help foster a sense of unity and gratitude.

Join The Volunteer Team!

SCOPE Foundation is always pleased to have dedicated volunteers.

Join The Volunteer Team.

Scope Foundation’s primary goal is to serve humanity at the physical, educational, and spiritual levelswithout any barriers. Humanity has been divided in numerous ways, thus making us forget our roots, that we are all children of mother earth. Humanity spends more energy and resources to stay divided. Scope Foundation is envisioning to bring a sense of unity through the science of spirituality and by bringing awareness of Mother Earth’s universal energy. If you believe in our foundation’s goals, please visit the volunteer page and sign up to become a volunteer. One of our team members will be in touch with you.


Eye Screenings (Adults & Children)


Face Shields Donated


Computers Donated To Indian Schools


KN 95 Masks Distributed


Cataract Surgery With Lens Implant


Pulse Oxymeters Distributed


Ventilators Distributed in Delta Wave


Spectacles Distributed


Disinfectant Wipes Distributed

Express Gratitude To Mother Earth

Every life on the planet survives only on the resources of Mother Earth.  However, we do not have a single monument in her name to recognize her generosity and unconditional support.


People have built millions of monuments around the world for places of worship, symbols of victory etc. But we do not see a single monument built in honour of mother earth.


The idea for the Mother Earth Monument was initiated in the year 2019. The journey has been a very encouraging and enthusiastic one. The amazing support and enthusiasm to see a monument for Mother Earth is very gratifying as it is the first of its kind in the world.

Express Gratitude
To Mother Earth

There is no other planet that can sustain life. Now is the time to take action, to save Mother Earth. Make your contribution, however small it may be.

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