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Mother Earth Monument

SCOPE Foundation is now embarking on building a unique monument in honour of Mother Earth. This project was inspired by the understanding that every one of us has derived great joy and life-sustaining benefits from planet Earth for millennia. But we do not have a single monument dedicated to her.  The Earth Monument project is our opportunity to express our gratitude to Mother Earth for her resources, generosity, and support. We are building the “Mother Earth Center for Science of Spirituality” ( BhoodeviAadyathmika Kendra) to provide a visual opportunity for people to express gratitude to mother earth.  This will also help the unity of humanity through the science of spirituality. The activities in the centre will be non-ritualistic spiritual practices that create a sense of unity and belongingness to Mother Earth.


There has been enthusiasm and support to see the monument for Mother Earth, the first of its kind in the world.


People have built millions of monuments around the world  for places of worship, symbols of victory and many more;  but we do not see even a single monument acknowledging or honouring Mother Earth’s sacrifice. The enthusiastic participation from people around the world for this project is extraordinary. We are still in the design stage of the monument. We have acquired thirteen acres of land, located eight miles from Mandya, a town situated between two metropolitan cities in South India: Bengaluru and Mysore.  The exact location is latitude 12″41’37.21″N, longitude 76″53’29.23″E.

The main monument will consist of an 11,000 square foot building. It will be built with well-designed granite stones available in the area. The main presiding statue will be MOTHER EARTH (planet earth) created out of solid granite stone. Different coloured granite will be embedded onto the surface to match the earth’s natural beauty as we see from space.


Each of the four walls will have eight relief carvings outside and eight inside. The carvings will be of humanitarians, from around the world who sacrificed their lives for the benefit of humanity without any barriers.