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Our Work

Scope Foundation / Our Work

What is SCOPE Foundation?

Scope Foundation is a nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to helping children and the elderly. Over the years, SCOPE Foundation has helped many school children with financial help as well as providing computers. The foundation has also conducted visual acuity screening of students.


The Foundation has organized and funded eye camps for the elderly where thousands of people were screened.  The foundation fully financed cataract surgeries with Intraocular lenses implanted,  for those who needed it. Free spectacles were distributed for the elderly as well as school children.


Now the foundation is embarking on building a unique monument in the honor of our mother earth, as a tribute to, and as an expression of gratitude for all the resources she has provided to all of us.


It is time for us to recognize her generosity, which she has extended to all living beings for billions of years. This will bring an awareness of how precious her resources are. This will also help to bring humanity together through the expression of gratitude, reverence, and appreciation of her beauty and to practice spirituality as a science.



How SCOPE Started?

Scope Foundation began with Hallegere Murthy MD, and Myetraie (Mytri) Murthy and family.  And has since grown to involve others who are committed to this vision. The current board of directors include Dr. Hallegere Murthy MD, Myetraie Murthy MA, Dr. Shwetha Raj BE, Tummiah Setihalgere Esq and Dr. Arun Keni MD.


Scope Foundation was created in 2006 to provide health and education services to underserved communities around the world, starting with rural areas in India. We have provided educational and health-related services to different schools in India, Nicaragua, Jamaica and in Miami Dade County. 


Services were provided in the form of financial support to local educational programs, distributing computers to rural schools, and conducting eye camps for children and the elderly (which includes performing eye exams, providing eyeglasses, and conducting cataract surgeries where required).

Dr.Hallegere (Hall) Murthy

Dr. Murthy attended Mysore Medical College in south India. After graduation, he worked in India as a lecturer in Microbiology in Karnataka Medical College in Hubli. Later he worked as a medical officer for two years in Mandya, Karnataka, India.


In 1972 Dr. Murthy left for England where he completed his Family Practice training and became a  Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) and obtained a Diploma in Child Health (DCH)  from the University of Dublin. In 1978 he left England to go to Canada, where he worked as a District Medical Officer for two years.  In 1980 he joined the Teaching Fellowship Program in Family Medicine at the University of Miami.


After completing his fellowship Dr. Murthy worked as a clinical assistant professor of Family Medicine at the University of Miami for two years.


In 1984, he opened his own practice in Family Medicine and Integrative Primary Care,  in Miami.


Dr. Murthy completed training courses in Applied Kinesiology, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and many other modalities to further expand his skills in integrative medicine. Over several decades this natural approach has helped numerous patients to resolve many chronic conditions without becoming dependent on medications.

Dr. Murthy enjoys sharing his time and resources for community needs.  He enjoys volunteering his medical services and has travelled to Haiti several times to assist in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.


He believes in the unity of people, and he is embarking on behalf of SCOPE FOUNDATION, to build a unique centre “Bhoodevi (Mother Earth) Center for Science of  Spirituality” to promote the concept of  “UNITY THROUGH THE SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY.”


Dr. Murthy has been teaching the concept of a “Daily Lifestyle Activity” for more than 30 years incorporating the principles of body, mind, and intellect. He uses techniques such as visualization, meditation, and expression of gratitude to mother earth. Using these methods, he teaches patients to bring an active relaxation of the mind through visualization of the infinite beauty and bountiful resources of cosmic energy.

Mrs. Myetraie Murthy

Myetraie Murthy was born in Bengaluru, India, where she completed her BA (Hons) in English Literature, from Mount Carmel College. She then completed her Masters degree in English literature, from Manasa Gangothri, University of Mysore.


She left India soon after to UK with her husband, Dr. Murthy where their two children Rashmi and Vivek were born. Later moved to Canada for a couple of years.  From there the family moved to Miami, Florida, USA.


Myetraie was very active in social and cultural actives in the community, which included cultural and educational classes for children, organized fundraising activities for charity, feeding the homeless projects.


She worked as an administrator in Hallegere Murthy MD PA’S office. She is also the president of her company, Golden Beach Realty & Investments.  She is fluent in English, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil.  Her interests include reading, philosophy gardening, music and travelling.


Since 2019, she is dedicating her services to Scope Foundation.